Family shopping with woman wearing XLEG.

Live your Life while you heal.

XLEG allows you to go about your every day activities without missing a beat.

Couple walking a dog, man is wearing an XLEG

Keep Doing the Things you Love.

XLEG allows you to go about your every day activities without missing a beat.

Man able to walk and talk on the phone while carrying a coffee

Just go About your Day.

XLEG allows you to go about your every day activities without missing a beat.

Walk Away from your Injury

With a design intended to keep you safely moving like you hadn’t been injured, XLEG allows you to go about your daily activities and heal while you are doing it!

Man striding confidently with an XLEG.

XLEG Features

The best crutch alternative, hands down.


    The only crutch alternative that allows you to dial in consistent levels of weight-bearing, from entirely non-weight bearing, to the exact percentages you need for your therapy and healing


    With an array of frame and cuff sizes, plus multiple adjustment points,  XLEG is able to accommodate a wide variety of physiology.


    The XLEG is constructed from a combination of aluminum and polymer to provide sturdy, lightweight support.


    XLEG was designed with two points of contact to the ground to provide needed safety and stability to prevent reinjury


The best way to stay active while you heal.

Watch our video to see how we began!


Using the XLEG during recovery increases quality of life by overcoming all the existing challenges in today’s mobility devices. You can sit, stand, walk comfortably and safely.

Without the need to hold onto crutches, our design frees up your hands so you can walk and carry, and go about your day.


Your ability to walk as normal reduces the risk of post injury damage from compensatory movements typically caused by acccommodating the injury or the use of other types of mobility aids.


 XLEG allows you to safely navigate uneven terrain, go up and down stairs, easily sit and stand, enter and exit vehicles and all of the other activities you take for granted until an injury..


The XLEG allows the wearer to retain their natural gait and remain fully mobile throughout the recovery period which has potential to reduce the overall recovery time.


The XLEG allows persons to return to work earlier, have increased mobility and potentially require less medical treatment after their non-weight-bearing period.


XLEG allows its users to launch right back into their life as soon as they feel well enough after their injury. From work to family to recreation, XLEG is a powerful ally in your ability to regain the things you love to do.


Totally liberating. I couldn't believe how amazing it was to not be on crutches for the time I was using it. I also feel that it helped me recover because I was actively using my injured leg to walk around..

I no longer have back pain from hunching over to use a crutch and it’s just really easy once you have it fitted properly and pain free to get around. I wish I would have found this sooner.

I'm in love with this product! It's been so helpful and I don't need to have people hovering to make sure I don't need anything which I can't tell you in words how wonderful it feels to be more normal again.