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We have compiled some answers to the most common questions below. We want you to feel confident that the XLEG is the right choice for you!

How Does XLEG Compare?

The best crutch alternative for you will depend on your preferences and needs. XLEG offers a trial period, so you can confidently order an XLEG to determine if it is right for you.

XLEG comparison

How do I adjust the XLEG for me?

Because everyone's body is different, we designed the XLEG with multiple adjustment points to allow you to personalize the fit to your physiology, and required level of weight bearing. Watch the video to see how you can adjust your XLEG for your needs.

More questions?

For your convenience, we have listed some of the most frequently asked questions below. We are happy to provide additional support to assist you with fitting your XLEG if you are having difficulty. And if you have further questions, we are available to answer them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the XLEG be covered by my insurance?

If prescribed by your doctor a portion or the entire cost may be covered by insurance (varies with plans and providers). The XLEG is classified as a mobility assistance device and isconsidered to be DME (Durable Medical Equipment or HCPCS Code: E0118). 

Will the XLEG work for my condition or recovery plan?

How do I order the correct size?

Does the XLEG come in different colors?

Can the XLEG be used for partial non-weight bearing?

Are there limitations for who can use the XLEG?

Can the XLEG be used with a cast (or boot)?

Can the XLEG be used on stairs?