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Many lying on couch with foot in cast.

We get it.

Precariously hobbling around on crutches for weeks, months, and in some cases, years, is no way to live. Now with XLEG, you don't have to!

We know this because we lived it.

“In January 2015, I was in a car accident that shattered my tibia and fibula. In the years after the accident, I was on and off crutches as a result of 13 surgeries, including 2 failed bone grafts due to bone infection. 

I tried every crutch or crutch alternative without finding a device that gave me the mobility and versatility that I wanted. So… I designed and built it.”

David Reid Robinson, inventor of XLEG

XLEG gave Reid his life back.

“From being able to work, easily get into a car or climb stairs, play with the kids, recreationally play sports, or simply walk while holding a cup of coffee or a bag, the XLEG allows you to fully participate in your life again.” 

It’s come a long way!

The early versions were a bit unwieldy, and sometimes involved duct tape, but they did their job, and  changed the game for Reid’s recovery. He recognized that XLEG could do the same for others, but first it needed some fine-tuning.

To take it to the next level, he consulted with orthopedic specialists, physiotherapists, biomedical engineers and people living with injuries, to bring it to the version we have today.

Meet our Team!

Get to know the faces behind our product!
Reid Robinson, XLEG founder
Reid Robinson
Andreas Wissmann PHD
Andreas Wissmann
John Person, MASc, PEng
John Person
Fabiola Martens EIT
Fabiola Martens
Graham Smith BSc
Graham Smith
Christine Jansen, Textile Design/Prototyping
Christine Jansen