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Journey Part 4: How the XLEG Allowed Me to Return to My Life Sooner

Journey Part 4: How the XLEG Allowed Me to Return to My Life Sooner


Have you ever used crutches before?

For those of you who have never had to use crutches, there is nothing fun or easy about it. In order to use crutches properly, all of your weight is borne on the palms of your hands. If you cheat and put weight through the tops of the crutches (Under your arms) you will eventually damage your rotator cuffs and require additional shoulder surgery. Using crutches in place of walking is similar to Olympic sports like the rings or the pommel horse… while injured.

Using crutches reminds me of trying to wheel my daughter’s umbrella stroller through the snow. Not the all-terrain model designed for Canadian winters, but a regular stroller. Navigating life on crutches would be a debilitating challenge, even for fully abled people without an injury, and this tiring act begins anew every time you have to get up or move. Is it any wonder that an injury like this can cause long term reduction in mobility unrelated to the original injury?

The XLEG lets you use your hands for anything

The XLEG lets you use your hands for anything: to carry a coffee, laptop, even your kid. Crutches take 50 percent more energy to use than the XLEG.

“Think of all the things you can do (and energy saved) while you’re wearing the XLEG. As I went through double-digit surgeries, I got to play soccer with my kids while I wore the XLEG. With any other mobility assistance device, this wouldn’t have been possible.” – Reid Robinson

The XLEG is safer, easier to use

If you live in a snowy climate, then you know the pain of getting in and out of your car with crutches, on the best of days.

No more balancing on one foot and throwing your crutches in while you struggle to get your body to the seat (while your hands turn to ice).

You get the point: the XLEG is safer, easier to use, and doesn’t slow you down.

The XLEG is not just for the young and active people

Not by any stretch. Seniors are at a higher risk of knee and ankle injuries due to more frequent injuries as their bones become more brittle with age.

Seniors, who may have weak upper body strength, run the risk of shoulder damage when using crutches.

The XLEG eliminates previous problems

The XLEG eliminates issues with existing solutions and lets you walk normally. I mean normally — not a limp, skip or hop—but like a "not wearing much of anything on your leg" kind of normal.

Some people ask me about knee scooters and walkers as an alternative. Have you ever tried using these devices in a park, on a snow-packed sidewalk, an uneven surface or load these in and out of a car while having the use of one leg?

At best, you get by with crutches or other crutch alternatives, but it’s not a pleasant experience. The XLEG provides versatility as you can walk with full mobility on any surface.

Walk out of the hospital in under one hour

But how about an orthopedic leg brace? What’s the difference? Orthopedic leg braces are designed to assist, not bare your full body weight. I have discussed customizing an orthopedic leg brace with an orthotist for this purpose and it is possible but not designed for this purpose or supported by the manufacturer (this would need to be done aftermarket). Orthopedic leg braces are also purely custom – one device for one individual at a cost of $10,000+.

“My goal is to make the XLEG available in hospitals in the coming years. After treatment for an injury, you could be fitted with the XLEG and walk out of the hospital in under an hour under your own strength (for many types of lower leg injuries).” – Reid Robinson

Pain-free solution

The XLEG allows you to return to your life sooner: get back to work and get back to doing what you love to do pain-free.

Let's be honest. They say there is always something good that comes from struggles, but I remember thinking… there has to be a better way.