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1. XLEG-V5 - Available Now

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The XLEG is the world's only true hands-free wearable crutch alternative that allows you to walk normally. The XLEG can be adjusted for partial or full non-weight bearing while allowing for full range of motion of the knee/hip.


Upon purchase, within 24 hours you will recieve an email with our measurement diagram & chart to gather leg measurements and other basic information. You can expect the XLEG to arrive in 7-8 days after purchase - Anywhere in Canada and the lower 48 states. To learn more about the XLEG and the XLEG team, visit www.nocrutches.com. If you have any questions, we are available 24/7- Email: info@nocrutches.com or toll free: 1-844-THE-XLEG (1-844-843-9534).


If prescribed by your doctor a portion or the entire cost may be covered by insurance (varies with plans and providers). The XLEG is classified as a mobility assistance device and considered to be DME (Durable Medical Equipment or HCPCS Code: E0118). 


If the XLEG is not the right solution for you, we provide a full refund of the purchase price up to 14 days after delivery (Less $50 CAD restocking fee).