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If you've been following my journey, you know that the XLEG was born out of necessity after a bad accident left me with a broken arm and a shattered tibia and fibula in my right leg.

There's nothing like being stuck using crutches all day to show you all the ways that crutches fall short. Injured and frustrated, I searched for a suitable alternative and came up empty-handed. That's when I was inspired to create the XLEG.

After putting a lot of hard work into the design and prototypes, my team and I are turning to Kickstarter for help getting the XLEG out to the public.

What is Kickstarter?


Kickstarter is a rewards crowdfunding platform where people can get funding for their ideas and creative projects.

If you've never heard of crowdfunding, think of it like this:

  • In the past, if you wanted to get funding for a project, you had to find one or two investors to invest large amounts and repay them in the form of stocks or interest.
  • With crowdfunding, you're seeking investments from the crowd, meaning more people support your project by pledging smaller amounts.

With Kickstarter, instead of getting repaid in stocks or interest, project backers get access to exclusive rewards and discounts in exchange for their support.



Every Kickstarter campaign has a funding goal, and it's all-or-nothing.

When you make a pledge to a Kickstarter campaign, your money doesn't come out of your account until the end of the campaign, and only if the campaign reaches or surpasses its goal.

Once a finished campaign is funded, it's the creator's responsibility to keep supporters updated and ship rewards out to backers when they're ready.

If the campaign doesn't reach its goal, the project is over and the creator doesn't get any funding.

To back a Kickstarter campaign, all you have to do is:

  • Set up an account
  • Click 'Back This Project' on the top right of the campaign page
  • Select your reward tier and country for shipping (or make a pledge without a reward)
  • Click the 'Pledge' button and receive a confirmation email

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The XLeg is for individuals suffering from a long-term injury or disability.

  • Anyone scheduled for knee, ankle, foot, or bunion surgery
  • Sports athletes
  • It's light enough for older & elderly adults
  • It's excellent for those already using mobility-assisted devices
  • Individuals who are chronically injured
  • Individuals with balance issues
  • Individuals with arthritis in lower limbs, pain in lower limbs, or weakness in lower limbs
  • Anyone who is currently looking for “crutch alternatives”
  • Excellent for lower-extremity, non-union fractures
  • Anyone who has problems with bone healing
  • NOT SUITABLE for individuals recovering from hip surgery

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If you're interested in supporting No Crutches, we ask that you watch out for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign!

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All support, big and small, will go a long way in getting the XLEG out to the public—and help put crutches out of business for good!



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