When you're wearing a cast, chances are you're already pretty uncomfortable. The last thing you want is to deal with uncomfortable clothes and wardrobe malfunctions.

Comfort wins out over fashion. Swelling and skin tenderness, particularly in the area of surgical incisions, will be minimized by the purchase of several pairs of soft sweatpants that are clearly too large, for example.

Here are other things you can wear when you're in a cast:

  • Soft sweatpants – the larger the better for staying comfy at home
  • Sports tear-away pants – especially for doctors' visits, so you don't have to pull your pants off
  • Warm zip-up style sweaters – to make it easy to get on and off
  • Hoodies with the kangaroo pockets – to keep your hands free
  • Anti-skid socks – avoid slipping and potentially hurting yourself again
  • A fishing type vest – with lots of pockets to hold everything that you want conveniently nearby.

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