Knee Walker

You've most likely seen knee walkers or knee scooters in many places.

They are a non-motorized, 'alternative to crutches' transport for those with leg, ankle, or foot injuries. Sounds pretty good, right?

Well, yes and no.

Some people swear by their knee walkers.

It has enabled them to recover their mobility. To get the best from a knee scooter, these folks recommend things like Unifoot attachments, choosing a scooter with bigger wheels, NOT choosing the models with the knee-cut outs and bike brakes, and watching some YouTube videos of how to maneuver a knee walker successfully.

On the flip side, there are those who have further injured themselves.

Take 'Betty', for example, whose knee walker tipped sideways at the grocery store with her in it. In addition to her ankle injury, she now had a smashed shoulder as well.

Or 'Dan' whose knee scooter tipped him into a sink, adding bruised ribs to his bruised foot.

Before we judge these people too harshly…

Knee scooters are there to help people get around and do the things they need to do. A tool which must always be completely, evenly balanced just doesn't fit the requirements of normal life.

And then, there are the logistics.

Not every place is wide enough for a knee walker. And how does one push the grocery cart and a knee scooter at the same time? Hmmm…

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  Posted: Sun Dec 17th 2017 9:46am  3 years ago

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